Friday, August 31, 2012

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Life has been.. unfortunate, lately. Came down with a bad bout of stomach flu, followed by a regular flu, and today I fell down the stairs in the rain so I've got a long gash and lump on my back. (Although that last one is possibly less misfortune and more paying too much attention to coffee and book and not enough attention to slippery stairs.) Anyhow. After several days of not eating anything while sick because even water made me nauseous - I've been drinking loads of comforting things :)

Ice Lemon/Chrysanthemum/Winter Melon Teas.

Sugar Cane, Green Bean, Liang Cha. (I'll try a different one each time, so far my favourite is the one with dried logans and red dates.)

And of course, hot kopitiam-style milo ♥

Came back online after a week, and found out that someone has been reposting my jewelry on a site and reselling it for a higher price without my knowledge or consent, and even after contacting him, he hasn't replied or taken down the page yet.. (Posted a journal on DA with some more thoughts about art theft, inspiration and originality here) I'm honestly just too tired to bother with these things now. Of course, I'm angry but it sort of fades into this background exhaustion of things I have to settle. Ineloquently put - it just sucks, is all.

Being an artist is hard, because you have to love what you do enough to keep doing it, but hate what you do enough to keep improving.
Sometimes (most of the time) I don't know whether I love/hate more. And worse than hate, is the feeling of contempt/disgust/worthlessness etc.

But on to happier things, here are some of the pictures I talked about last time, shot by the lovely Sarah Trickler (her FB page is here):

Hnnngh, so lovely ♥ I'm waiting for her to send the pieces back to me, as well as for the rest of the pics. She was so nice to work with :D Will be posting a couple of pics now and then, just to keep the blog about jewelry (because I tend to blog mostly when I'm upset and exhausted and very often not in the least bit excited about art at all.) But if you did read though all that, thank you.


6:48 AM

Thursday, August 16, 2012

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Hullo! ♥

I am so sorry about the lack of activity here and elsewhere, life has been terribly hectic ever since school started! In all likelihood I won't be able to make anything new for a long while yet, and commissions are also closed (except for those I've already been working with, I'll finish yours I promise!)

Instead of regular updates in DA, since I have nothing new to show, I'll try to blog a bit about what I'm doing :) Right now I've just wrapped up a collaboration with a lovely photographer shooting some of my work, Sarah Trickler. The photos are amazing and I'll try to post some of them within the next week!

I've also started working with a new material, Art Clay Silver. It's the perfect combination of my love for sculpting/clay and jewelry! A quick shot I took while at work- an unfinished ring, with a little fish :) Still have to oxidize and polish this one before I can set the stone..

So yup, that's life so far. School's only started for a week, and I've already finished two books and started on a third monstrous one (Barchester Towers, anyone?) It'll probably only get more hectic from here on but I'll try to blog once a week at least, it's easier because I can do it from my phone, but I apologize in advance for the odd position of photos, typos and all that. Til next time!


9:25 PM

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