Thursday, December 22, 2011

New steampunk necklaces + Wire wrapped pendant | Go to post

A couple of pretty little things - The brass one is a prayer box, an adorable hinged-egg-thing. The silver one is a vial full of watch parts. Both for sale: Steampunk Swallow Prayer Box Locket Necklace and Steampunk Swallow Watch Parts Vial Necklace.

I haven't actually done any wire-wrapping in a long time (3 months, to be exact) and when a customer commissioned 4 ear cuffs from me, I had to make 10 before I managed to produce 4 of an acceptable quality. Sore fingers and bruised ego aide, there was also the vague sense of horror that I'd completely lost the ability to wrap. So I sat down and poured 6 hours of desperation into this 1" pendant: Albion.

Albion was taken from BBC's series Merlin (which I've developed a thoroughly unhealthy obsession with) and is made of copper wire and a Swarovski fancy pear. It's also one of those things I'll never sell, simply because the amount of heart that went into this is priceless. Sometimes I consider the saying Find a Job You Love and You'll Never Work a Day in Your Life - but for me that isn't true at all. I'd rather get paid for a job that involves absolutely no creativity, so I never have to put a price on the things I really love.

This skewed perspective probably explains my completely idiosyncratic business model, which really needs to be whipped into shape. Holiday project, maybe ;)

But for now, Merry Christmas to everyone!


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