Saturday, October 29, 2011

Necklace 'Sketches' Choker Collar style | Go to post

It's been a hectic week, and I sold one of my most precious pieces - Kalliope Filigree Choker by ValkyrieCouture.

This piece is so dear to me because it's the first collar-style necklace I made, and I think it's gorgeous. Now that it's off to a new home, I've been press-ganged into making another one because my sister wants to wear it to her prom ;)

Since that experiment with a new style was quite a success, I've been throwing together ideas for more necklaces like that. But since finals are in 3 weeks I have no idea if/when I will have the time to finish them, so here's some preview shots! No names yet, though suggestions would be welcome :)

I'm undecided with this butterfly piece- on one hand, it's very pretty and would look really nice finished with a choker of cream&champagne pearl strands. Then again, it has a bit of a steampunk feel and would look equally good with gears&chains...

This one actually curves elegantly round the neck :) The piece ended up with a vitrail crystal which I don't think suits it at all, only the nearest supplier that has the crystals I need is over an hour's journey away from my house. :( School gets in the way of creativity in the most infuriating way!

Last but not least - my favourite of the three! :) I think it captures everything I love about collars/choker style pieces - I love the curves and the way it flows over the collarbones, regal and mysterious at the same time ♥

Enough gushing for now though, and back to the books -sigh- I promise I'll work hard and get these pieces done as soon as exams are over!

Questions, comments &etc. can be sent to :)


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Friday, October 21, 2011

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The lovely Michelle from misanthropycreations did a blog feature for me which you can see here: Featured artist Sodacrush. I'm returning the favour, so here's the first ever featured artist on my blog.

Michelle makes lovely earrings and other jewelry, and takes gorgeous pictures of nature, too!

Shop Name: misanthropycreations
What you like to go by: Michelle, Michellian
When did you start your shop? Just recently! I had an etsy shop before under a different name but I decided I wanted to start fresh and with a new angle. I was selling hand crafted polymer clay gauged earrings before. I still make them for friends per request.
Is this your only job? Nope, I work full time as Assistant Manager at a small sports bar at two locations.
When did you realize you had this talent? I've always used crafts as a way to keep my hands busy, otherwise I'll bite my nails till there's nothing left! I'm not a big fan of social situations either so it keeps me where I love to be, home! I have always dabbled in a little bit of everything so I'm still trying to figure out what I'm really good at!
Where do you find your inspiration? When I go shopping for supplies is when ideas probably strike me the most. Probably because I am surrounded by so many different things, my mind just runs on overload thinking of all the different things I could make if I had the entire store to myself. So much potential inspiration in craft stores and the like.
Who has been the most supportive of your work? Probably my boyfriend, since he is really the only person who has seen the majority of my work. Also a friend of mine who comes with me when I supply hunt. I'm hard to put up with while I shop because I'm formulating a hundred different plans in my head at once.
What is one thing you would like to accomplish that you haven't yet? I would love to have a great following on my blog. Everyday I post an interview just like this one show casing one artists work. I would also love to make my first Etsy sale! But I'm sure that will come with time, but the first sale is the most anticipated!
What are your words to live by or favorite quote? "An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind." Ghandi

Check out her awesome jewelry here.


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Friday, October 7, 2011

more previews, cuff, handmade necklaces and earrings | Go to post

Mid-terms are over so I had a little time off to play with jewelry :D I've been working on a new cuff, lots and lots of layers and details - picture below. It's got a gorgeous silver Fleur-de-lis centrepiece, and layers of rococo style filigree for an utterly decadent feel.

I'll probably change the background piece for this - silver feels a bit too cold, what with autumn coming and all the luxury of amber days and hot cocoa ♥

To compensate for all that intricate layering, I threw together a few small, light pieces - much smaller than what I'm used to, but it's a relief since these were a lot less time-consuming and still very pretty :)

Lila; Named after the girl in Lila: An Inquiry Into Morals. It has such a pretty, delicate feel - not at all like the character, but I love the name ;) I'm used to very strong, vibrant colours in my jewelry so a crystal this pale is rare! Click to view more details on handmade necklace Lila on Etsy.

Illyriel; Named after the city of Illyria and a picture my sister drew: Illyriel by effthree on DA. This pendant actually came about because someone asked me if I ever made jewelry specifically for guys, and I realised I never started out with that intention. ...I don't think this piece is particularly masculine, but it's a start! :) Click to view more details on handmade necklace Illyriel on Etsy.

Winter Heart; Because I realised also that I have very little earrings, cuffs and rings in my shop. I'm trying to diversify - out of habit, I usually create necklaces but I think this attempt at earrings went quite well :) They dangle like lovely little drops of winter frost, alluring and deliciously icy ♥ Click to view more details on handmade earrings Winter Heart on Etsy.

All in all I'm very pleased with how these smaller pieces turned out, might consider doing more of them because I'm starting to fall for the delicate, flirty style instead of my usual one.

That's all I've got for now :) Questions, comments &etc. can be sent to :)


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