Monday, September 5, 2011

Heart Key wire wrapped Pendant Steampunk jewelry video tutorial | Go to post

A new time lapse video! :) This design is actually pretty old, but I only threw the video together recently. Full tutorial is available here.

I've never posted my first time lapse video here, so here you go:

Full tutorial available here.

I have a huge thing for heart motifs in wirework - this is the next piece I'm planning to make a tutorial for:

Although that one will probably have to wait til i get my first break ^^; I've actually started making a new one and have pictures of the first half, but I got stuck working out some of the details. (Bad habit - when doing things for the first time, I don't keep track of wire lengths, and the mechanics of hinges/clasps etc.) So the next time round it's trial and error all over again x)

That aside, the only wire work I've done recently is a remake of an old design - my Ice princess ear cuff, which to date has been the most popular. I've received several requests for that specific design, and so here's a comparison of the latest rework (left) next to the original (right).

That's all I've got for now :) Questions, comments &etc. can be sent to :)


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