Monday, March 21, 2011

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Hullo! ♥

The other day I was wrapping up the pendants that sold, and I thought the gift box was so pretty I had to snap it! Here's one of them, I love the bow on top. I bought a roll of pretty plum-coloured chiffon ribbon from a bin sale, and I love how light and frothy it looks. I honestly hope it doesn't get mangled in the mail D: (Then again, that's what all the bubblewrap in the background is for, haha.)

And here's a closeup of the tags/gift that comes with all ValkyrieCouture products. It's a little handphone strap, with a Swarovski crystal and a silver wing charm on :D These are so incredibly easy to make, and look so good. I whipped up a batch of them in between emails, and attached them to ValkyrieCouture tags printed on shimmery card.

I'm currently stuck in limbo - just ordered a new batch of supplies, but they're not here yet so I'm trying my hand at.. other things. Like chainmaille! Chainmaille jewelry to me is fascinating. It's metal and tough and (if you're Singaporean, Ahlian/Ahbeng looking) very attention grabbing. You can't walk past someone in a chainmaille collar and not notice. It's heavy and intricate and takes plenty of personality to pull off. I got my first chainmaille piece as part of an art trade, you can see it over here. Unfortunately because I'm even tinier than petite, it looks huge on me ): Its very pretty, but too much of a statement piece for everyday. So I grabbed my pliers and got cracking, here's what I came up with. It's made of stainless steel and acrylic, and cost me about $6.

(If you live in Singapore, head down to Chinatown. They sell jump rings, 200 or so for a few dollars.) Not sterling silver, but very good for practice and budget pieces. The pattern of this necklace was based on King's Mail, and modified off a project from a book I have. Info on the book here. It's a really good book for beginners, the explanations are clear and I managed to try a few different patterns. Problem is, I can't get rings in the right gauge so my mail is always a little loose. This time, I modified the pattern to have double rings on the sides, but single rings running down the centre, to lessen the bulk and make the necklace more flexible.

And because chainmaille says so much about a woman who's much less delicate on the inside than she looks, I named this piece Lolita, in honour of the provocative, beautiful girl immortalised by Nabokov. (Yes, I'm such a nerd.) The necklace sits on the collarbone and is finished with a silver heart toggle clasp. :)


This piece is personal and not for sale.


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Friday, March 18, 2011

Gothic angel atlantis gryphon tear fantasy mythology literature inspired filigree jewelry necklace pendant | Go to post

Coupon code VCOPENSALE. Goes live in less than 12 hours! :) Sale starts midnight UST, or approx 4pm GMT.
The code gives you 50% off all items, just enter it on checking out and the discount will be shown~ Since there's been a lot of interest in these pieces I think the sale is a great way to thank you all for the lovely comments and compliments I've received. Grab this opportunity to get a 50% discount now, since I don't think I'll ever do this again! Remember, the code's VCOPENSALE and you can view all the items here: ValkyrieCouture on Etsy - Handmade fantasy inspired filigree jewelry.

Now, here's some more info on the pieces that will be for sale:

Gothic Angel

This is a simplified version of my other piece, Valkyrie. I realise some people might not like the mythology aspect of that piece so much, and I must admit it's a bit of me indulging my inner geek xD This design is much less cluttered and more streamlined, the focus is quite clearly on the stone in the middle - a Heliotrope Swarovski Crystal Heart. I love the colour, and I think the aged gold of the brass really makes the colour pop even more ♥

For sale: Gothic Angel by ValkyrieCouture Sold.

Closeups of Atlantis and Gryphon Tear

These are closeups of two of my new pendants, Atlantis (silver) and Gryphon Tear (brass). Mostly because I really love the colour of the stones used here - Heliotrope and Bermuda Blue by Swarovki. They're my two favourite colour of stone, and I love love love them. Bermuda Blue's a lovely interplay of blues and greens that's like midsummer sea and mermaid scales, absolutely lovely ♥ Heliotrope's a colour I only managed to get recently so I'm very excited about it, it's mostly purple with splashes of indigo and aqua, very mysterious and rich.

I love pretty colours, so these stones make me unbelievably happy - just looking at them makes me feel inspired. Anyway. More shots of these here: ValkyrieCouture on Facebook. Or if you want to jump straight to the listings, they're on sale:

Atlantis (Silver) filigree pendant

Gryphon Tear (Brass) filigree pendant Sold.

That's all for now, don't forget the 50% sale code: VCOPENSALE!


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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Avarice fantasy filigree jewelry pendant mythology inspired | Go to post


The second piece! I love the way the dragon curls around the stone on this - somehow I feel dragons are the ones who are wronged in fairytales. All they do is guard what's precious to them against greedy men. I've always loved dragons - books like the Eragon trilogy make me happy beyond belief. ♥

Anyway. I decided to name this piece after the greed and lust dragon hoards evoke. Plus, the colours in this pendant are very rich and opulent - love the contrast between the deep red and aged gold. I'll probably be remaking this design in other colours as well!

More pictures up on facebook: ValkyrieCouture on Facebook

I've decided that the first collection will go on sale this weekend, and I'm having a opening 50% SALE. Coupon code will be released on facebook, so stay tuned!


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Monday, March 14, 2011

Valkyrie filigree jewelry pendant necklace fantasy inspired mythology | Go to post


As promised - a sneak peek at the first piece of my new line, ValkyrieCouture. I love the way it turned out, with the heart tucked secretively under layers of beautiful brass filigree; it's very mysterious and eye catching at the same time :D

Since this was my first attempt at such a complex filigree piece, I feel I've got a lot to learn. For now though I'm very happy with the way this has been going! Hopefully ValkyrieCouture will be full of beautifully made pieces in the near future :)

To view more shots of this piece as well as other upcoming pieces, head on over to ValkyrieCouture on Facebook. I'd really appreciate if you could 'like' the Facebook page, because I need at least 25 likes to get my own username.


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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Gothic Heart Wire Wrapped Pendant Tutorial and time lapse video preview | Go to post

Time lapse and tutorial preview for my latest tutorial, the Gothic Heart Wire Wrapped Pendant. I'm really pleased with how this design turned out, here's what it looks like when complete:

The purple and black design is already sold, but the silver and blue is still available here: Silver and Blue Gothic Heart Wire Wrapped Pendant.

For the full tutorial, click here:
Gothic Heart Wire Wrapped Pendant Tutorial

That's all for now in terms of wire-wrapping news :) I'm really excited because my filigree supplies came in the mail a few days ago, so I've been working on the first collection of fantasy inspired pieces for ValkyrieCouture. I'll be posting sneak peeks over the next few days, so stay tuned!


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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Butterfly Secrets Locket Pendant openable wire wrapped heart filigree tutorial jewelry | Go to post

For sale: Click here!

My most ambitious wire project to date! Made completely from wire - no solder or glue, this beautiful wire wrapped locket is hinged and can be opened to store a photo or precious trinket.

It took me a long while to figure out the hinge and lock mechanism, and it was very fiddly having to do it all in wire. Still, I'm glad I stuck with it - it's absolutely gorgeous.

I'm thinking of refining the process for this, and making a tutorial. Thoughts?

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