Saturday, April 3, 2010

Sea Rose Nautical Charm Bracelet Pink Gold | Go to post

As he said goodbye for the last time, the young mariner pressed the trinkets he had collected on his travels into his lover's palm. It was only when the sails of his ship had fallen over the horizon that she let her tears fall.

Rich golden chains and suede strips in tones of dusky rose are interwoven in this precious concoction of nautical charms.


For sale: Suede gold and pink nautical charm bracelet

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11:36 AM

Seaside Paradise Nautical Charm Bracelet Green Blue Silver | Go to post

Count the stars,
Watch the waves absorb the summer sun
And think of me.

Jewel tones of blue and green complement the deliciously oceanic charms on this chunky charm bracelet.


For sale: Blue and Green Silver Nautical Charm Bracelet

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9:12 AM

Long Distance Romance Vintage Love Charm Bracelet | Go to post

When we're apart and all I have is your voice over the phone I dream of us and feel a little less alone.

Vintage gold charms and double chain woven with suede, crystals and faux pearls.



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12:21 AM

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